715045-close-up-of-electrical-control-panel-with-glowing-red-light Advent Engineering Services

Advent Electric has three locations in the mid-Atlantic area staffed with trained and experienced engineers and technicians. Our engineering staff can provide assistance at any phase of your project from simple phone support to complex control system design and implementation

• PLC and HMI Programming

  • Developing project specific PLC/PAC applications
  • Creating HMI and SCADA applications incorporating your plant processes

• Control Design and Fabrication

  • in-house CAD design and engineering services
  • UL certified panel fabrication facility
  • Network of partner / integrators providing expanded scope and complexity of projects

• Industrial Network Design

  • Design and layout of factory floor communications networks
  • Communication over various Industrial Ethernet protocols
  • Integration of fieldbus networks- Profinet, Ethernet IP, Modbus

 • Motion Controlmenu_control-platforms

  • Multi-axis motion applications
  • Servo and Stepper Integration
  • Component selection and sizing parameters

• Start up / Commissioning

  • Customer assistance with project start up and debug
  • On-Site service and support
  • Certified Drive Specialist

• Emergency Response / Field Service

  • Rapid response to outage and shutdown situations
  • Availability subject to prior commitments